2017 – Race 7 – Bayford Meadows

After Round 6 we decided to see where we could fine some more performance from the kart and James. What was starting to become evident was the Zip kart, although very fast, it was difficult to keep in the optimum working window.
The work list was as follows:
  • Purchased new tyres , 2 sets the very latest batch
  • Had the frame straightened at Zip based at Silverstone.

  • Seat padding – to stop James moving in the kart
  • Balaclava – to stop James’ helmet moving
  • Reduced Weight – new lead, we ran 1kg too heavy in the last round
  • Lighter nuts and bolts on the rear axle – every little bit helps
  • Engine tune with Bontoft special race oil.

Booked a full days development testing at Bayford. We had Alfie Walker as competition for the day.

  • Lifted the engines at the back – this didn’t work
  • New Panther high quality chain.
  • New chassis set-up and pressures
  • New clutch (mainly because I lost the old one!)
  • New chain guard – didn’t work, but looked nice
  • New Fuel filters
  • New Exhaust for the race engine (the one we used at the Test), 2nd best exhaust for the test engine so that improves too.
  • Changed the oil in the Test Engine which was black.
  • New Brake pads – red
  • Plus normal full prep including bleeding the brakes/tracking/spanner check again.

Unfortunately Lewis was away racing at PFI so we were on our own, but after the great days testing we were still optimistic.

It was a day of 6ths! Not what we hoped for but the pace was encouraging.

Qualifying – 6th – definitely too low on the pressures.

Heat 1 – 6th the pace was coming, 3 tenths faster than Quali

Heat 2 – 6th again! Was looking very likely to finish 4th but a mistake cost 2 places and back to 6th. Set fastest lap, James’ fastest in 2017 in a race, but still 4 tenths slower than testing.

Final – Crazy race, dropped to 7th at the start, then drove well, taking 6th on lap 5, 5th lap 7, 4th Lap 8, then back to 6th then 4th again. A questionable move by Zach Walters left James in 6th and disappointed. It looked at one stage that 3rd was on the cards.

Lots learned, but need to work on defending!


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