2017 – Race 10 – Bayford Meadows

I am writing this some 10 months on from the actual event, mainly just to keep a complete record of James’owner driver karting.

There was a fair amount of pressure going into the final round, something James will need to get used to moving forward. Basically it was 2nd or 3rd in the championship depending on where James finished.

Whether it was pressure, set-up or the cold weather, James could only manage 5th in qualifying.

Heat 1 – Back on the pace with 2nd fastest lap and 4th Place.

Heat 2 – James didn’t want to make any stupid mistakes and come off, but a lack of attack limited progress so 4th again.

Final – Some quick maths said that 3rd place in the championship was James’, meaning the pressure was off, James race really well finishing 3rd only 6 hundredths off 2nd place.


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