Mini X30 Testing

At the end of 2017 we were looking at which Cadet Championship to target in 2018, when James annouced he didn’t want to carry on in Honda Cadets!

He correctly reasoned we would not make a whole season as he had started to grow and put on weight. He was right, at the end of 2017 with his kit on he weighed 37kg, in November 2018 he weighed just over 50kg and about 4% body fat!

So we both decided to try and move up to IAME Junior X30, but after a couple of tests we quickly realised that this was too big a jump from Honda Cadet for James with less than 20 owner driver weekends of experience.  Mini X30 was the perfect compromise.

We have had a great year, learning some new tracks, learning new techniques and developing the kart.

Our first race was in September at Shenington report to follow…….


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