Shennington Mini X30

Mini X30 Race 1 and 2

2018 and was always going to be a learning year, as James was still relatively inexperienced. James’ first race in Mini X30 would be only his 17 owner driver kart race, with some drivers having completed nearly 25 races this year alone in Mini X30.

Again I am writing 8 months after the event, and in summary it went very well. I will definitely be updating this site more often as we move forward!

Shennington – Round 9

Qualify – P3 which was impressive.

Heat 1 – Started 10th (pre-determined grid slot) finished 8th

Heat 2 – Started 10th finished 8th

Heat 3 – Kart wouldn’t run out of the pits, started 2 but had to catch up to the back of the field. Finished 10th

Final – Started 9th and finished 5th.

Shennington – Round 12

Stupidly we missed the previous 2 rounds, once for James’s birthday, he moaned all day we weren’t racing and second for something pointless I cannot even remember!

Qualifying – P3

Heat 1 – Started 5th finished 5th

Heat 2 – Started 5th finished 3rd

Final – Started 4th finished 4th after a good tussle for 3rd 4th and 5th.


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